Saturday, 20 October 2018


A few years ago I self-published a surreal novel called The Third Condiment, under the nom de plume of Wixley de Lune (don't ask). The whole project was a way of using up hundreds of gags and weird ideas that simply didn't fit into any of my other books. And you won't be surprised to hear that I managed to sneak a bit of murder-mystery into it.

The book's narrator, the aforementioned Wixley, is a huge fan of agricultural crime novels - or 'Countrycide' books, especially those of Gabel Maypole. And I went so far as to create the covers of some of her better known books:

Wixley also loved a TV series called 'Widdershins' in which the eponymous detective has to conduct his investigations from inside a sterile ball as he has no immune system. Here's the DVD cover:

The novel is, by far, the silliest thing I've ever writter (or will probably ever write) but I am terribly fond of it. And you can order it here.