Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Cover Up!

I now have the full artwork for the outside and inside covers for 'A Murder to Die for'. And isn't it gorgeous?

The cover is a great example of what can happen when an author and some amazingly talented designers and artists put their heads together.

When discussions first began, I rather fancied a group shot featuring several of the fans in their flapper-dress style convention outfits, so I did some doodles and drawings.

When I discussed this with designer Mark Ecob, he suggested that maybe what was needed was lots more fans. After all, he said, the book is set at a crowded murder-mystery convention. We also quite liked the idea of building the artwork around the title of the book. So I doodled again, Mark made some recommendations and the job was pitched to brilliant cover artist Neil Gower.

Neil's first sketch was SO perfect that we told him to get on and paint the cover.

Meanwhile (as shown in my doodle above) I'd quite set my heart on having a map included in the cover art and a silly author photo. My good friend Mark Page - an award-winning erotic photographer by trade - is a brilliant portraitist and, by happy coincidence, was working on a project to catalogue the people of his home town of High Wycombe. So I turned up at one of his Faces of Wycombe pop-up studio days and we got the author shot. We then hired the very talented Livi Gosling to do the map, based on a rough sketch that I'd done. And voila! The cover was complete.

I am so lucky to have been supported by such a brilliant team and also by a creative and innovative publisher like Unbound that treats the author as a colleague rather than as a product. 

Roll on January when you'll be able to see the book in the shops!

But you can order the sexy super-delicious special edition before that. It's too late to have your name included in the back as it's gone to print but it's still a nice thing to have and you'll get it before Christmas.

Not long now!

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