Sunday, 7 April 2019

Cover me up!

It's time for a cover reveal.

No, it's time for a double cover reveal.

Here's the brilliant Neil Gower's cover for The Diabolical Club. And look at those shiny cover quotes!

As the book is set in October, we went for Autumnal colours. They contrast beautifully with the Springtime theme of the previous book.

I'm delighted with both covers. And I'm also very pleased with this third cover, which resonates nicely with the novels:

As you may (or may not) know, everyone who subscribes to The Diabolical Club will get a free bonus e-book of short stories called The Nearly Invisible Man. This won't be available to buy in the shops so, if you want to read stories about the extraordinary detective Gavin Quisty, or the eccentric Mr Spurgeon and his flag collection, you need to pledge NOW. 

And do it soon as the funding campaign will be shutting shortly. What you'll get is an early copy of the book (published 11th July), plus the e-book (which also features a two chapter teaser of my next novel, Cockerings) and you'll get your name printed in the book as a patron.

So click here and pledge now! 

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