Thursday, 28 March 2019

March Round-Up

Spring is bursting out all over. The snail is on the thorn, the lark is mollocking in the yollops and all manner of good things are in offing.

Firstly, I've now received the proofs of The Diabolical Club and it's looking great. Roll on July 11th.

Secondly, I've seen Neil Gower's sketches for the cover and they look exactly as I hoped they would. I'll reveal soon but just know that it will sit beautifully side by side with A Murder To Die For.

Thirdly, I may have some more book news to reveal soon.

And, fourthly, I'm starting a podcast! Beginning on Thursday 25th of April, my good chum BBC radio producer Paul Waters and I will be launching a fortnightly podcast called We'd Like a Word in which we look at all aspects of writing - from novels to song lyrics, reading groups to performance poetry and everything in between. And we have some stellar guests lined up for you.

In preparation for this, Paul and I did a photo shoot this week with award-winning photographer Mark Page. He's not bad is he?

More news as it comes in!

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